International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is upon us and this is the perfect time to introduce you to some of the women behind the scenes that have made Taylor Blake possible! 

4 years ago I began my dream to build a brand specialising in ballerina pumps. As someone who finds it impossible to manage to run around in heels at the pace my life requires I have always had a love of flat shoes and so it all began!

In the first few years I covered every aspect of Taylor Blake, social media, accounting, everything, but as the brand grew I realised quite quickly that I needed to work with people that had the same knowledge and passion for their work as I hold but in some of these fields.

2018 was an incredibly tricky year for me personally but it was also during this time that I began working with each of these women featured below. Their support throughout the last year has been greater to me than they’ll ever know and in their own way they have been instrumental in building the Taylor Blake brand. 

I am so very lucky to have such a brilliant set of women that are so talented working with me to make my dream of a successful ballerina pump brand work!  In a world of big high street stores churning out shoes, it's always going to be hard to run a successful independent brand, but these ladies make every sleepless night a little easier!

Tilly is my social media queen!!  Since September she has been running our social media campaigns and all the beautiful imagery, regular posts and tweets are her creation! A successful blogger and features contributor she has been invaluable to me!

Maria Clara is my Portuguese eyes! She’s incredibly kind and helpful and completes so many last minute demands.  She oversees sampling and production and nothing is ever a problem.  Whilst we haven’t been working together long she is invaluable to the Taylor Blake brand and in a nutshell, is just fabulous!

Meet Nancy and Margarida, my Team Bridal!  Launching a whole new range in a whole new product area was never going to be an easy ride, but with their expert knowledge and their patience we are just at the start of this journey!  2019 is set to be an exciting year thanks to this wonderful duo!

Sarah is my maths whizz accountant!  She is an incredibly patient woman who when I pass piles of paper to her with a “help!’ look in my eyes, doesn’t bat an eyelid!  A friend for nearly a decade, she’s been a brilliant support with an infectious calming influence!

Melanie has been my business coach for the past 12 months. 2018 was a big wobble year for me, a should I stick or should I twist year and without her support and encouragement I’m not sure I could have done it!  Incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, all businesses need a Melanie in their lives!

When we support each other, women and men, great things happen!  Whilst these ladies featured today regularly contribute to the Taylor Blake brand, there is a whole host of other women that support Taylor Blake day in and day out!  Bloggers, network organisers, pop up boutique owners, stylists and of course my lovely customers!  The list is endless, but its these wonderful ladies who make my work so enjoyable and are daily helping Taylor Blake become a success!

Thank you ladies!  Happy International Women's Day!

 Emily x