Emily Gets Chatty...

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On the eve of International Womens Day we were invited to present at the fantastic @mancmamas second event, a celebration of women and their working lives in all the different forms, employed, self employed and those due for maternity.  What a fabulous evening it was. From the inspiring talks given by @duckydigital01 @twinsplusonemummy @my_style_edit @naturellyfamily @melanie_j_brooks @emma_heap to all the women who'd come to watch, support and participate. From new mums to third babies, working mums, self employed mums, maternity mums, everybody was there offering friendship and inspiration.

As a speaker I was so proud to be part of such a special evening. Talking about my journey as a young footwear designer, to becoming a mum myself with the many responsibilities this naturally brings whilst juggling a career and the decisions and sacrifices that ultimately led to the start of Taylor Blake. Everybody had a story to tell and the result was an inspiring, heart warming evening with plenty of laughter, a couple of tears and rather a lot of prosecco!  

Well done Manc Mamas AKA Gemma, Lisa and Lynda, you have created something very wonderful!

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