Who are Taylor Blake?

This is us... Tracey Taylor and Emily Blake.


See the small woman on the right? That’s me. Emily. It took a while and a painful amount of patience and kirby grips but the fringe has now gone. The love of cocktails however has happily remained!

This quick, slightly over exposed picture taken on my phone is one of my favourite photos of us two. With careers spanning over 15 years and a friendship just as lengthy, it was a no brainer that we would end up working together.

A conversation that was held hollering to each other over the racket of 4 young children is where it all began. Many subsequent (normal tone level) chats later and months of hard work and here we are.

I have always been passionate about designing shoes; it has been my whole career. I get such a great sense of satisfaction and pleasure in creating something new and a bit special. From my drawing board, to personally developing materials and using fine European leather manufacturers, to the bespoke in-house designed packaging, I am proud to share our beautiful ballet flats with you. I sincerely hope you love Taylor Blake shoes as much as I do!

Now can someone please pass me a cocktail shaker…



This photo feels like a lifetime ago and even though it was after 2 kids each, we don’t scrub up bad… with 3 hours prep, lots of Touche Eclat and a very blurry photo!  You wouldn’t want to see the morning after picture…

I’m Tracey, the taller one on the left. I have to confess, I liked Emily’s fringe! I flit between fringe and no fringe depending on how long it’s been since I could fit in a trip to the hairdressers. With two young children, it’s not easy to get five minutes on my own.

Before I had these precious little people occupying all of my time, I had a career in marketing and eCommerce. I used to manage websites for big corporate companies… I loved it at the time, but it is nothing compared to the sense of pride and excitement I feel at launching our own British shoe company. What a buzz!!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fabulous shoe designer as a friend but when Emily showed me her designs for these shoes over a Latte, I knew we just had to get these beautiful ballet flats made and let you wear them..!

So, buy some and see the quality for yourself…wear them on the school run or to brighten up your office wear, pop them on with your skinny jeans, a flippy skirt, tapered trousers or chuck them on to hang the washing out even… but most of all, wear them often and love them as much as we do!!

...and if you’re feeling particularly smitten with them, tell all your friends about them too #lovetaylorblake

Tracey x