Reptile inspiration...

The countdown begins… It is just over one week to go till we release our second range Kaleidoscope, with four brand new, irresistible colours added to our collection. The fabulously named Tokara, Bimini, Gold Lora and Mangrove. Did you know that all our shoes are named after snakes? With over 3,000 species to inspire us, we’ve had plenty of unique and simply wonderful names to choose from.  And despite having a fierce reputation, snakes are beautiful, exquisite creatures, which makes them worthy for our shoes!

Snake Facts!

Trinket is mainly found in Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. This non venomous snake is often kept as an exotic pet





Mamushi is a venomous snake found in Japan, China and Korea. Every year 2,000-3,000 Japanese people are bitten by a Mamushi, resulting in a week long spell in hospital


The Mangrove Cat snake has eyes like its feline namesake. With a mild, venom it is harmless to humans but deadly to small prey.