A huge lorry full of shoes...

What an exciting week!  On Monday, we were having kittens as this HUGE lorry reversed down our narrow little street, between parked cars, to bring us our much anticipated first delivery of Taylor Blake shoes directly from our factory in Spain... He made it though.  "Where there's a will, there's a way!" he said with a fist pump.  We swallowed our fear and laughed along with him!  Neighbourly crisis averted!

On Tuesday we put our website live and officially announced to our friends and family that we were open for business!  Emily and I were SO nervous... silly really but it is so hard when you have worked on something for so long to look objectively at your products or website.  We loved them but we hoped and prayed that others would too.  We just wanted everyone to see what we saw in our shoes... that they are beautiful, stylish and exceptionally well made.  

We absolutely needn't have worried!  What a wonderful response we have had to the shoes..  Over 300 likes in 3 days on Facebook and our first orders being sent in the post to their new owners.  We've had some fabulous feedback too from customers...

"Lots of "ooohing" and "aaahing" over the arrival of my beautifully packaged Taylor Blakes today. Can't wait to show them off tomorrow. Colour is even more beautiful in real life!" Alison

" I received mine today and they are beautiful and so comfortable - love them ! I've told my sis Caroline Routledge to get shopping too ! X" Lucille

"As their first customer I can highly recommend them" Helen

By the end of the week it was clear that Eastern Coral is going to be a best seller...  Maybe because they look so cute in the Butterfly net or as our customer Alison said - the colour is more beautiful in real life!

Phew...!! So, that's it...We are officially the owners of a new British shoe brand... It has shown us that if you are determined and work hard you can achieve what you dream of. But, we have got a long road ahead and lots of exciting plans to make happen.  #shoes #lovetaylorblake #thisisreal!!!!

Tracey xx