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We met Emily Blake, Founder of Taylor Blake

Country: United Kingdom  What: Footwear | For: Women | Style: handcrafted, classy, petit luxe | Category: Established Brand




1. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration mainly just pops out of my own head!

There is no particular source, I see things I love all the time and my mind is a constant jumble of creative thoughts!

I design shoes that I love!

Shoes I believe people would love to see on their feet rather than following a particular trend.

2. How would you describe your designs?

Wearable!! I really wanted to make shoes that are of the most beautiful materials and a bit of everyday luxury!

I dislike seeing fast throw away fashion all over the high street made of cheap materials that regularly meet our landfills.

Equally I think that good quality shoes shouldn’t be saved for best, gathering dust under our beds! They should be comfortable and stylish!

Taylor Blake Ballerinas

3. How did you get into designing ballerinas?

I have been a footwear designer for 18 years and mum to two fabulous children, one boy and one girl and I absolutely love working in shoes.

I took a career break after having the children as flying off to the Far East to source materials just didn’t really work with two under 4’s at home! So, I gave up my job to look after my family for a few years.

I still had the ideas, the passion and the drive for designing shoes but I wanted to change my direction. 

Designs for ladies to wear every single day if they wish and feel.

Throughout my career I have always worked on a large scale. Big shoe orders, from big companies, with big factories, churning thousands of pairs of shoes out to far flung corners of the world.

Boxes heading to the high streets of Britain and cartons departing for supermarkets. And I loved it. The travel and the many fabulous people I worked with far and wide.

But…. I always knew that one day I’d work closer to home on a project that for me would be a little more special, something that would feel a little more personal.

I knew that one day I would work with smaller European family inherited factories. Within a less frantic environment, where beautiful materials and high quality workmanship combine to create something a bit special.

Ballerinas where an easy transition for me to make. I wear them regularly, I love them and I see so many women in fast paced lives wearing them. And I believe if you want to make a success of a product, you have to feel passionate about it!

What Emily carries in her bag?

In Woowooki's BagsHarlequin Ballerina Pumps by Taylor Blake

4. Which one is your favourite piece from your collection and why?

Vine! Because I am a magpie at heart and I really do love shimmer and shine.

"I believe if you want to make a success of a product, you have to feel passionate about it!"

 ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Gold Lora Ballerinas | Taylor Blake

5. When you are creating a piece or a collection, how does the process work?

It begins with materials. I love to rummage through all the new materials available and pull out ideas, collate moodboards and get creative!

The process is a mass of swatches, prit stick glue and lots and lots of handwritten notes and doodles!

6. Your fashion advice on wearing Taylor Blake ballerinas?

Don’t think that just because you have ballerinas on you have to wear trousers!

The catwalks have been littered recently with ladies wearing short evening dresses and ballerinas and Emma Watson even turned up at the Baftas in flats!

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing?

I’d be a zoo keeper! With a household that currently homes 8 animals I love animals as much as I love shoes!

My favourite moment of the day: 
The very start! On a working day I love the thought of what is to come and what can be achieved that day…

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