VVA Sarah Haran

Red is the new Black

Red seems to be associated the most with the festive season. Whether it’s the Christmas decorations, wrapping paper or Christmas lights, we are exposed, dare I say overexposed, to red full on for a short period of time. Maybe for that reason, or others, some of us are afraid to let it into our lives too much. Yes, I was one of them. I used to be afraid of wearing a red top or trousers because red is so “out there”. What if red doesn’t suit me, I used to wonder. These days I’m the complete opposite. I own a few pairs of trousers, tops and accessories in red. I’m not afraid of it anymore. 

The transition was almost seamless, I started with small items such as the Dahlia Red Tote Bag and within a short space of time I added more to my wardrobe as my confidence grew. The result? A complete change in me, and the way I feel. Every time I wear something red, I feel empowered and strong. I can face the day head on. Throw the challenges at me because I’m ready.

Of course, selecting the right pieces is key. Sending out the wrong signals can do pretty much the opposite.  Look for classic cuts and shapes to define your silhouette rather than expose your weaknesses. As with every other more dominant colour balance is key. For me, that means never cover myself in red from head to toe. Breaking up the colour with white, black or grey is my usual approach. Don’t forget to accessorise. Feel free to mix silver with gold, this adds another layer of dimension and interest.  My grandmother’s pearls do the trick too. (Sometimes I wear them as an oversized necklace, on other occasions I wrap them around my wrist as a statement bracelet.) After all, their generation knew exactly what elegant dressing was about, don’t you agree?

Here are my favourite picks:

 Hope you enjoyed. Until next time

Karolina Barnes - Editor in Chief - Estila Magazine