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Posted on September 30, 2016

I've always thought the above as profoundly true. Whether the 'right shoe' to you is a pair of trainers or skyscrapper heels, as long you feel damn good in them, you can do anything, right? 
Whenever I don a pair of sassy shoes, I always feel like i've got my shizz together, like life's that little bit better when I'm walking along and I have great shoes to look down on.
Thankfully Taylor Blake provide comfort and prettiness.
Today I am so happy to be joining forces with #Girlboss's and down right lovey ladies Taylor Blake to giveaway a pair of their gorgeous ballet pumps to one reader.

I absolutely love my pair, they are just the perfect shoe for casual-chic everyday wear. 
Taylor Blake are giving one reader the chance to win a pair of the Trinket shoes worth £90.00! (which I've seen, they are totally gorgeous and ideal for autumn, with some grey skinny jeans they would be perfect)
But if you can't wait to win or you fancy say the Gold Lora like me, or the Tokara (love them in cherry red so so much!!!) 
Then good news is RTH readers can take 10% off your order with the code RACH10
This is valid until the end of October too, so help yourself to some discount, new shoes or maybe a Christmas gift for a special lady!
It's friday, it's the end of the month.. That is surely deserving of a treat to oneself, no?
Plus there is nothing nicer than buying from small independent girl boss brands. Be sure to head over and have a look at their gorgeous shoes and say hi to them on Instagram or Facebook!
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