Emily's Guest Blog for Alice in the Looking Glass

Taylor Blake leather ballerina flats feature as a guest blog

As you may know if you follow my Insta, I’m a huge fan of Love Taylor Blake and super delighted to have Emily guest blog here on my site and announce some super exciting news about her gorgeous new leopard ballet shoe, Savannah

Hello and a massive thank you to Alice for letting me hop on board her blog!

My name is Emily Blake and I am the face behind the ballet pump brand @lovetaylorblake.  I am delighted to be able to say hello to you guys as Alice has kindly let me hijack her page to announce our latest style to join our collection… The luxurious leopard ballet shoe Savannah.

Its simple really… Alice loves leopard print and we love Alice!  So this really felt like the perfect place to introduce our latest offering!

Have you met us before?  Maybe not, so I thought I’d tell you a little something about our shoes and how it all began.

Taylor Blake is a leather ballet pump brand that came to life in 2015.  After (many!) years of travelling to the Far East and working with high street buyers to develop fashion ranges, life took a turn when two Mini Blakes came along within 3 years of each other.  Although not so little now, life travelling to the Far East felt impossible and freelance work beckoned.

Over the next 5 years I helped a number of companies build and launch ranges yet never quite felt ready to take that leap of faith myself.  Sometimes when you have a head full of toddler and baby brain, your confidence in yourself can take a bit of a backseat!  But late in 2014 I had that “I’m going to go for it” moment and I knew it was time to jump into the deep end and launch my own brand.  The very next day I was in touch with agents and factories and before I had time to question myself I was heading to Spain.

Walking back into a factory, the smell of leather in the air, swatch books scattered all over the desks, machines whirring away, (and long lunches of paella on offer!) I knew I had made the right decision.  I had all the ideas, they just needed to become a reality.  I wanted to make high quality leather ballerina shoes, the type of shoes I love to wear myself.  I wanted my customers to have the option to wear affordable luxury!

Today each ballerina is handmade by a team of crafts people based in Southern Europe.  My focus is bringing to you, gorgeous materials that I have sourced from independent suppliers.  The leather ballet pumps have been created for their sustainability and not to follow fad fashions and each style has the same signature look that makes every ballerina instantly recognisable as a Taylor Blake….

So this is where I get to introduce you to out latest ballerina pump Savannah….


I stumbled upon this glorious leopard material and knew instantly it had to be made into a ballet shoe.  The soft suede tan backing is so rich in colour, whilst the embossed patent detail lifts the material giving a beautiful richness to the finish.  Paired with the black patent toe and binding and finished with a complimentary bow this is a shoe that is perfect for all occasions.

It’s a classic taken to another level and I can guarantee it is set to be this seasons number one Taylor Blake ballet pump! Dress up or dress down I know it is going to be a sure fire winner this season.

Savannah is now available for pre order and a waiting list has now opened with all orders being dispatched on March 4th. In the meantime, do pop by and visit our online store, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Taylor Blake collection.

Thanks Alice for having me!