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Posted on June 01, 2016

Introducing new British shoe brand and BFA member, Taylor Blake

We’re pleased to welcome Taylor Blake, a new British shoe brand as the latest member of the BFA.  Launched in 2015 by footwear designer, Emily Blake and marketer, Tracey Taylor, they have designed a range of beautiful ballet flats made from the finest European leathers.   Hand made in the Elche region of Spain, they are building their brand on the concept of a single style of shoe in a range of exciting colours, leathers and material combinations.  They hand pick materials like mock mulberry snakeskins, emerald green jewels, rose pink suedes and embossed gold leathers to make their distinctive Taylor Blake ballet flats.

They say:
Starting our own British shoe brand has been exhilarating! Despite both having years of experience in the footwear and retail industry, we have had so much to learn!  We have hundreds of ideas and dreams for the future but find that, as there are only two of us at the moment, we have to be ruthlessly organised and prioritisation is key.  Having said that – our tactical priorities change all the time, depending on sales volumes and opportunities that come up from week to week…  But our overall goal of making this British shoe brand a phenomenal success never wavers.

Prices range from £80 to £90 and we appeal to women from 25 right up to 60.  We’ve found through research that women want beautiful shoes that they can wear every day  – and when they are as comfortable as Taylor Blakes they just can’t get enough of them.  We have customers who have 2, 3 and even 4 pairs of our shoes.  And they love sharing their #shoefie pics on FB, Instagram and Twitter.  Our best customer pic so far has to be the one of a customer in Times Sqaure, NYC, proudly showing them off!

All of our shoes are named after snakes… with over 3,000 species to inspire us, we’ve had plenty of unique and simply wonderful names to choose from.  And despite having a fierce reputation, snakes are beautiful, exquisite creatures, which makes them worthy names for our shoes!

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